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Recently Big Orange Planet launched a website called Vasectoman for a local Colorado non-profit foundation. It was kind of a unique proposition to get involved in, but we are very happy with the end results.
A unique proposition in the sense that the challenge was to make getting a vasectomy a cool, fun thing to do, which of course it isn’t. (not at the time at any rate.) Our clients were very helpful in this endeavor. A solid sense of humor was a big feature of the build process and is also a prevalent feature of the website itself. The marketing messages are punchy yet funny at the same time.
And some of the embedded youtube videos are downright hilarious.
From a developmental standpoint we utilized a WordPress backbone with use of a few key plugins to add required custom functionality.A key feature on site is ability for users to search locations, and of course for the site administrators to manage and upload those locations in the database.
In addition ability to accept credit card donations was needed, which was accomplished using Stripe as a payment gateway.
With a full suite of content management tools at their disposal the website stakeholders were given complete operational control of the administrative backend.

Responsive web design techniques were used to ensure cross device compatability and optimal page display regardless of the access device type.
A trust inducing blue color scheme was adopted during the design phase, with the website being more orientated towards men in general (although there is a section for women who clearly can be concerned about the subject matter of Vasectoman.)
Finding suitable imagery was one of the more involved aspects of the project as a whole. A key dynamic of the site was to appeal to as wide a ranging demographic as possible- men of all ages, race, and family background.
With a lot of input from our client, we secured enough images of suitably varied individuals and familes.



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